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To Carry Wonder

Coaching & Consulting

Let’s ignite our imaginations and redefine motherhood.

Looking for something new and exciting? Maybe you can’t even quite put your finger on it, but sense there’s got to be more for you when it comes to pregnancy or motherhood. Yes, mama, you’re completely right. There definitely is!

Pregnancy and motherhood are parts of one great “mother-becoming” (matrescence) adventure. It changes our world and shifts our identities. Although, at times, it may be tough and more than we bargained for, we don’t actually have to lose ourselves in the process.

In fact, with the right support, matrescence can be the perfect opportunity for us to grow more into ourselves and thrive. Really, I’m not kidding!

Child (n): A little messy darling who launches us onto a journey of growth and self-discovery.

As a pregnancy & motherhood support specialist, I believe that radical and life-giving transformations occur when women are empowered and in community. So, I couldn’t help but create these special opportunities through which we can work together and help you grow more into your beautiful sassy self—unique, whole, vibrant, and courageous.

The best part? When we blossom, it positively affects our world—our relationships, families, workplace, and communities. Self-care is not selfish. Through us, our families can flourish, and our communities thrive.

My offers are supportive and uplifting, deep and impactful, tailored uniquely to help you reach your goals. They can be done anywhere along your pregnancy, postpartum or motherhood journey.

The launch is around the corner!

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