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Mother Blessings

A Pregnancy and Motherhood Support

For thousands of years, women have come together to celebrate rites-of-passages, such as menarche, marriage, and birth. Village communities have always made a big deal out of these important life transitions and marked them with a special event (genius!). Let’s learn from those who have gone before us and bring this back to our communities!

In contrast to a baby shower, which primarily focuses on the new baby, a mother blessing is focused on the mama. A mother blessing a two-to-three-hour ceremony-like gathering that aims to empower, encourage, celebrate, and nurture mama.

Using a women’s circle format, a mother blessing uses intentional sharing, activities and practices to saturate mama in love, warmth and positivity. Following the circle time, we feast together and have some more fun. Mama is sure to leave feeling cherished, remembered and blessed—and more prepared for her upcoming birth.

Mother Blessing
Facilitator Services

Location: Offered to those in Davis, Woodland, or Dixon, CA.

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  • $325 per event (for up to 12 guests)
  • $400 per event (for 13-15 guests)

Circle facilitation duration:

  • Up to two hours

Services include:

  • Pre-event communication with mama and attendees
  • Planning mother blessing activities, practices, and music
  • Designing and creating mother blessing altar for women’s circle
  • Purchasing necessary supplies
  • Facilitating the women’s circle
  • Wrap-up

What’s not included:

  • Venue, food, table, and cushions or chairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any mama have a mother blessing?

Why yes! A mother blessing is for mamas of all ages, regardless of how many children she’s already had.

Does it matter what type of delivery a mama will be having?

Absolutely not. Any birth is a big deal! Mother blessings are for anyone regardless of what type of delivery she’ll be having.

Is there a best time in pregnancy to have a mother blessing?

Ideally, mother blessings are held towards the end of pregnancy, so somewhere 32-36 weeks. If we wait too late, we may end up having a welcome baby party!

What’s the minimum number of attendees needed?

Great news—there is no minimum number of women needed to host a mother blessing. (It can even be just the mama and yours truly.)

What’s the maximum number of attendees who can attend a mother blessing?

The maximum is usually around 15 to 20 women, though having a smaller group helps make the blessing be more intimate.

Who should be invited to a mother blessing?

Please only invite those women who the mother feels close to and loved by.

Where can the mother blessing be held?

The event can be held in a home, a rented room, or outdoor space.