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A Pregnancy and Motherhood Support

What’s coaching?

Coaching focuses on where you are today and where you’d like to see yourself. It’s all about partnership and realness, sprinkled with creativity and inspiration. By partnering together in a nurturing space, we get to unleash your creativity and fierce potential so that you can grow, self-discover, and achieve those goals—in other words, bloom!

Think of me as your “thinking and feeling” partner. I incorporate various coaching skills with insights gained from motherhood studies to help you get to those “aha” moments that lead to transformation.

Coaching gives you the exciting opportunity to explore areas of your life in new ways, redefine motherhood, grow more into who you are, and achieve your goals. We’ll clarify your values and help you discover what it means to live out your version of motherhood.

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” – Richard Bach

Coaching Topics

  • Motherhood or pregnancy expectations vs. reality
  • Missing parts of “old” life or self
  • Identity changes
  • Life roles
  • Values and goals
  • Motherhood pressures
  • Self-care
  • Self-worth
  • Passion projects
  • Life balance
  • Career
  • Overwhelm and/or burnout
  • Relationships and intimacy
  • Communication
  • Boundaries
  • Control
  • Anger
  • Resentment
  • Mom guilt
  • Perfectionism
  • Spirituality
  • Other: BYOI (bring your own idea!)

Coaching Options

There are three one-on-one coaching options (named “Mama Unleashed,” “Courageous,” and “Bloom”), and one for group coaching (named “Mama RisingTM).

The main difference between the one-on-one options is the number of sessions that are included, and therefore, how deep we can go. While all are tailored to meet your needs, multi-session options (“Mama Unleashed” and “Courageous”) allow for greater transformation, and ideally, are held every other week. To help make these two packages more accessible, per session discounts are included in the pricing.

All coaching options include:

  • Activities to nurture, inspire and equip you (done on your own after a session)
  • Personalized and realistic action steps to help you achieve your goals
  • Trouble-shooting elusive goals
  • Curated resources just for you!

Emese is an intuitive guide who has a gentle and affirming way of drawing you into a personal space that is quiet, contemplative yet focused. She listens. She asks questions that help you to peel those onion layers. What struck me the most, was her keen ability to summarize and narrow down key points for my goals, after what felt like a long rambling eruption of jumbled thoughts and stories. There were a few AHA moments through Emese! I left with practical tools to help me face those triggers.


Mama Unleashed

Let’s work together one-on-one!

In this 3-month coaching package, enjoy:

  • Six 1-hour private coaching sessions (on Zoom)
  • Special bonuses as described above

This is the coaching opportunity with the greatest transformation and all-around impact since we explore a few topics over time. If you have additional coaching needs in the future, you’re welcome to sign-up for this coaching package again to explore new topics, or can follow-up with the Courageous or Bloom offerings.


One-time payment. Get Started


Monthly payment plan for 3 months. Get Started
Free Discovery call, here I come!


Let’s work together one-on-one!

In this six-week coaching package, enjoy:

  • Three x 1-hour private coaching sessions (on Zoom)
  • Special bonuses as described above

Here, our work will focus on a single topic that’s important to you or an area of your life that you’d like to address. A single Bloom coaching session is the perfect follow-up when needed. If you’re ready for a more comprehensive coaching experience, check-out Mama Unleashed.


One-time payment. Get Started


Per session payment plan. Get Started
Free Discovery call, here I come!


Let’s work together one-on-one!

In this one-time session, enjoy:

  • One 90-minute session (on Zoom)
  • Special bonuses as described above

This one-time coaching session provides us the opportunity to dive deep into a single topic or area of your life that you’d like to address. It’s a perfect follow-up session to Mama Unleashed or Courageous. Use it anytime when the time is right! Some topics are better suited for multiple sessions, so if you’re unsure, let’s connect through a discovery call.

New Clients

$195 for 90 minutes. Get Started
Free Discovery call, here I come!

Returning Clients

$180 for 90 minutes. Get Started

Mama RisingTM Group Coaching

Let’s work together within an intimate group!

In this 3-month coaching package, enjoy:

  • Six 90-minute group coaching sessions, offered once every other week (on Zoom)
  • Special bonuses as described above

Offered once in the Fall and Spring, this unique group coaching opportunity is based on the profoundly impactful Mama RisingTM curriculum developed by matrescence activist Amy Taylor-Kabbaz. The format includes exploration of relevant topics, group discussions and coaching, guided meditations, reflections, and activities.

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Within an intimate group of courageous mamas, you’ll get to:

  • Explore who you are as a mother
  • Meet like-minded women
  • Take off the mask of motherhood, have a safe space to be real, and hear yourself think
  • Debunk motherhood myths
  • Consider your current values and discover what values you’d actually like to live by
  • Learn how to live with intentionality and presence
  • Grow more into who you are as a woman and—yes!—even as a mama.
  • Gain ideas on how to make motherhood work for you
  • Have more self-compassion
  • Redefine motherhood
  • Feel more free, hopeful, and confident in caring for yourself and family

Important details

The group coaching is for any mother, regardless of how long ago she became a mama.

Most often, the group coaching is offered through Zoom, though occasionally this entire program is held locally in my neck of the woods (Yolo County, California). Having women join from various backgrounds, ages, and from different parts of the world is so exciting, gifting us with the opportunity to soak in diversity’s beautiful richness. Sessions will be offered in the Pacific Time zone and will be recorded in case you miss a session.

Guiding Beliefs

  • Pregnancy and motherhood launch every woman on a grand adventure that changes everything.
  • You matter, are unique, and have a special purpose in this world. There is only one you (how cool!) and you’re not meant to be a clone of your friend, neighbor, sister, or co-worker. You are meant to be—you!
  • We are all works in progress. One of life’s greatest mysteries is discovering who we are.
  • When we nurture our whole person—the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual parts of us—we’re more likely to flourish, enjoy life and positively impact our families and world.
  • Society has a lot to say about what pregnancy and motherhood should look like. Women are bombarded with pressures, expectations, stereotypes, and myths (like what makes a “good mother”). This leads to overwhelm, burnout, mom guilt, isolation, and mental health problems.
  • We live in a patriarchal society that is oppressive and preferentially values masculine over feminine qualities. It celebrates productivity, profit, and individualism and promotes these at all costs. This only benefits a sliver of society.
  • Knowledge is power and allows us to take charge of our lives, health, and wellness. It also allows us to advocate for ourselves and loved ones in the healthcare system.
  • We are not helpless. Harnessing insight, awareness, and courage allow us to live with intention through which we can embrace what resonates with us and ditch what doesn’t serve us or our fellow humans.
  • Growth and self-discovery occur in safe spaces. To Carry Wonder sessions are confidential, and aim to be encouraging, respectful, and non-judgmental. In individual sessions, they adapt to your mood, energy level, and needs for the day.
  • Together, we can redefine motherhood! Women have the power to revolutionize the way motherhood is valued, discussed, and supported by society.
  • Changing our understanding of motherhood is also a gift for our children. They inherit a redefined and more nuanced understanding of womanhood and modern motherhood—something they can carry into their future relationships, work, and life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I the only one who finds motherhood difficult?

Definitely not, dear mama! Currently, modern society is not set up to help women flourish—especially in pregnancy and motherhood. Many mamas feel isolated, overwhelmed, burned out, and under-supported. No wonder perinatal mood and anxiety disorders affect one in five women. However, with more support, self-awareness, and advocacy, we can work to together to change this for ourselves and others.

Is it selfish to invest in myself?

It’s not, and here’s why: When we’re thriving and fulfilled, everyone around us benefits. Being the best version of ourselves is the best gift we can give. We are more present, aware, patient, resilient, vibrant, insightful, and fun. We have more capacity to engage. So, investing in ourselves is an investment into our families, communities and workplaces.

What’s the difference between coaching and consulting?

Great question! Coaching focuses on where you are today and where you’d like to be while consulting is about providing you with specific information. Both are focused on your needs and done through partnering together, however, the structure and goals for our time together differ.

Is coaching a type of therapy?

While coaching can be therapeutic, it is not a form of therapy. Coaching and formal therapy have some overlap, so it’s important to understand the differences. Coaching is done with a coach who uses various creative processes to help you focus on the present and where you’d like to be.

In contrast, therapy is done with a licensed and trained mental health professional who has a deep understanding of the complexities of mental health disorders and is, therefore, also equipped to help you process your past (experiences, relationships, and traumas). They can help you focus on the past, present, or future using a host of therapeutic modalities.

Some women chose to do coaching and therapy simultaneously, while other women find it helpful to stabilize their mental health problems first with a therapist.

Are you providing medical care through your services?

No. The services are in no way intended to serve as medical advice, or override, delay or substitute your healthcare with your maternity or health care provider. By working together in coaching or consulting, we are not creating a nurse practitioner-patient relationship.

I will not be diagnosing physical or mental health problems; advising or treating existing health conditions; ordering labs or medications; or reviewing health records. However, my hope is that our work together will help support and empower you to live your best life and to thrive.

Where are coaching and consulting services held?

Coaching and consulting services are held on Zoom, in the cozy comforts of your own home. Periodically, I offer in-person group coaching locally in my area (Yolo County, California).

How are payments collected and do you have payment plans?

Payments are collected via PayPal before booking an actual coaching or consulting session (or package). Yep, payment plans are possible for the multi-session packages.

Are payments refundable?

They are not. If you need to reschedule a 1:1 session, please do so at least 48 hours prior, and will do my best to help you find a time that works for you. Without adequate notice, I will be unable to make up or refund missed 1:1 appointments unless there are extenuating life circumstances.

Group coaching is pre-scheduled. If you miss a group coaching session, you will still receive any provided materials, resources and activities; if you are enrolled in a Zoom-based group coaching, you will also be able to access that session’s recording for a limited time. We definitely want you to stay in the loop and be able to grow together with the group.

Do you have any scholarship or reduced-fee options?

Yes, there are a limited number of scholarships and reduced-fee options. Please contact me directly regarding their availability.

Can I work with you if I live outside of the U.S.?

Yes, of course. I love working with women from all over. Please email me ( to find a time that works, if none pop up on the booking system.